Top 3 Must Have Mobile Apps For The Nigerian Woman

The statement “being a woman is hard” is more of an understatement. Amid personal upkeep, work, social life as well as managing a wealth of emotions and hormones, women certainly have a lot of needs to be met.

Even more, they have to deal with certain cycles that can prove very tedious to keep up with. Thankfully, the jet age has ensured that there is technology available to help stay on top of it all and often, these technologies come in interesting, practical apps. In this article,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking site shares some of the best apps every Nigerian woman should have!

Period Diary

While the monthly period can be a dramatic event for some women, for others it really is not and keeping track of the menstrual cycle becomes more like a chore. For a few other women, they have a hard time reconciling the length of time that pass between key periods in their cycle because they are not good with dates.

For these set of women, the ‘Period App’ gives them the golden chance to get on the program and save themselves possible embarrassments that may come from miscounting their cycle. The App is also easy to use, all you need to do is enter your menstrual cycle dates and it tells you how many days you have left till the next cycle starts. Basically, it helps you to record and track your menstruation, fertile and ovulation time


A very essential app for women who are keen on family planning, myPill is an app that prompts you to take your birth control pill. It features daily reminders with the snooze option to keep reminding you till you take the pill, a planner which reminds you to stock new packs, call the doctor, schedule yearly checkups, stores your prescription and provides a calendar view of pills  with history which gives you the option of taking notes tracking symptom.

Period Tracker

Much like the Period Dairy app, the Period Tracker is another app with similar features which keeps you aware of your menstrual cycle, your fertile windows, and ovulation days. It also helps you predict your next period, record symptoms, and more. This app easier to download and subscribe to as it is available ON almost every platform, as opposed to the Period Dairy which mostly works with the iOS.


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