Man Rips Out Girlfriends Intestines After She Screamed Out Her Ex Hubbys Name During Sex

2C9DBA8800000578-3243868-_Monster_Fidel_Lopez_24_of_Sunrise_Florida_has_admitted_to_bruta-m-7_1442934875277This one of the most horrible murders cases I have ever read. THIS IS PLAIN HORRIBLE!!

A Florida man has been charged with brutally murdering his girlfriend and disemboweling her after she called out her ex-husband’s name twice in a drunken stupor during a weekend sexual encounter.

Fidel Lopez, 24, of Sunrise, called 911 at around 3.40am Saturday telling the operator his girlfriend, 31-year-old Maria Nemeth, was having trouble breathing.

First responders arrived on the scene at the couple’s apartment at 11630 NW 128th Terrace, only to discover Lopez weeping over the woman’s body lying naked in a pool of blood, according to an extremely graphic complaint affidavit.

Officers took notice of a large amount of blood on the floor inside a closet, more blood spatter in the bathroom and damage to the walls and doors suggesting a struggle and ‘foul play,’ the document obtained by the stationLocal10 stated.

‘There were also what appeared to be several chunks of bloody tissue on the floor inside the closet,’ Officer Christopher Piper noted in his report.

Lopez has admitted to inserting several foreign objects into the woman’s body cavities, including a beer bottle, a flat iron for the hair and both his fists and arms up to his elbows.

Ms Nemeth was pronounced dead at the scene less than 30 minutes after Lopez’s initial call to police.

The couple’s neighbors in Sunrise said Lopez and Nemeth had moved into the building only a week before the woman’s murder.

Nemeth had worked as a leasing agent at the Colonnade Residences on NW 128th Terrace for the past five years, and that is where she met Lopez.

‘She was a very very soft-spoken, very private, very pleasant, lovely young lady,’ said resident Dan Carter of Nemeth.

During an interview with investigators, the 24-year-old Mr Lopez said he and Nemeth had been drinking tequila in their apartment the night before and at some point began to have ‘rough sex.’

According to the boyfriend, the woman asked him to insert a beer bottle and his fist inside her vagina because ‘she enjoyed it,’ which he did.

After the sex act, the 24-year-old initially claimed that Nemeth went to the bathroom to throw up. He later found her having trouble breathing and called 911.

When pressed by the questioning officer, Lopez reportedly changed his story, revealing that Ms Nemeth was very drunk, and that at some point the two of them ended up inside a closet and began having sex.

During the intercourse, the woman allegedly called out her ex-husband’s name twice, which made her boyfriend upset and ‘enraged’, by his own admission.

Leaving the inebriated woman in the closet, the 24-year-old began smashing things around the apartment, including a sliding glass door, and punching holes in the walls, according to the affidavit.

After his outburst, Lopez returned to the closet where his girlfriend was lying unconscious and proceeded to insert several foreign objects into the woman’s vagina and anus, including a beer bottle, a flatiron for the hair and both his fists and arms up to his elbows, making Maria Nemeth bleed.

The 24-year-old told the officer that in that moment he became ‘a monster,’ according to the complaint seen by NBC Miami.

The Sunrise man also admitted to pulling ‘internal tissue’ from Maria Nemeth’s body as she lay passed out.

Afterwards, he carried her naked body into the bathroom and attempted to revive her by splashing water in her face, but the woman did not wake up, stated the affidavit.

He then washed the blood off his hands and went out onto the porch outside their apartment to smoke a cigarette.

When Lopez went back inside to try to clean up the crime scene and hide Nemeth’s ripped out intestines, he realized she was no longer breathing and called 911.

Lopez was arrested Sunday afternoon on a first-degree murder charge and ordered held without bond in the Broward County jail.

Culled from dailymail.



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