5 Tricks To Keep Your Skin Hydrated On A Long Flight

unnamedNo matter how plush your business or economy class seat may be, a long flight can be very exhausting. It takes a toll on a person not just physically, but mentally as well.

While the mental stress might not be easily noticed, the combination of altitude and recycled air in a plane can leave your skin feeling parched and dehydrated especially with the hot weather in Nigeria, which in turn affects your mood and decreases your comfort level.

A healthy skin equals a happy trip, and so to help you combat the inevitable dilemma of dry skin while on a long flight, Jovago.com has 5 tricks that will certainly help you keep your skin hydrated.


Exfoliating is the process of gently scrubbing the outermost layer of your skin in order to get rid dead skin cells which block the skin pores.

While this process cannot be completed on a flight, you can exfoliate at home a day or hours before your trip. Using just a daily facial cleanser can go a long way with cleaning out your pores and giving your skin an additional beauty boost.

Try to use natural exfoliates like oat or mud based products rather than chemical peels as there is a lesser chance of irritation. Great products are available at leading stores inLagos and Abuja.


This is perhaps the most effective way to keep the skin hydrated. Luckily there are moisturizers for every skin type – dry, oily and combination.

It protects your skin from exposure to dry air as they usually contain ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid and elements such as Vitamins A, C, and E which have preventive and repairing effects. It is advisable to apply moisturizers while the skin is still wet, that way the skin cells can absorb the lotion better.

Drink a lot of water

This might seem like a tedious and uncomfortable task as drinking a lot of water will naturally lead to frequent trips to the loo, and nobody likes to use the toilet on the flight. However, to keep your skin hydrated, it is important to drink plenty of water before, while and after the trip.

Also, try to avoid juices, sodas, coffee and anything that contains caffeine as they speed up dehydration. Instead go with flavored water or drinks infused with cucumber, mint and lemon as these contain powerful vitamins that hydrate the skin instantly.

Go easy on make-up

This applies to women, although men who also wear heavy facial foundations and powder may be affected as well.

Make-up including thick foundations and concealers can be harmful to the skin especially since they clog the skin pores and cause hideous breakouts. Also, a lot of make-up on the face hastens dehydration as it starves the skin of air and moisture and leads to dryness.

If you cannot go without make up completely, it is advisable to go with moisturizing cosmetics such as BB creams, fix-it sprays and light lip balms.

Move around at intervals

This might seem like it has no link to keeping your skin hydrated, but moving around rather than just staying on one spot helps with blood circulation.

The blood carries oxygen and a measure of moisture round the body and helps immensely with reducing puffy eyes, bloating and parched skin. You could stroll from one end of the plane to the other or just move around on your aisle as long as you get your blood pumping actively at intervals.


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