‘Made In Nigeria Vol. 1’ ~ Oladipupo Akolade

Made In NigeriaIt was October 1st 1960 that Nigeria gain Independence. It was a great day in Nigeria history. Today, Nigeria celebrates another Independence anniversary. Joining Nigeria in this celebration, I asked her, ‘How old are you?’ She said, ’55 years old’. Then I asked her, ‘How much are you?’ She started telling me stories…

‘Made In Nigeria’ is a chapter in that stories. It is a story of Nigeria through Nigerians… An excerpt from it reads:

There is a joy that is alien to me,
It can not be found in foreign lands,
But in seeing the pride, honour, and glory
That we found to be lost returning to the land …

As you take today to celebrate Nigeria, be you are on the road flying the nation’s flag or in your home tuned to Nigeria or even in a corner doing something personal, it’s about to get more interesting. Take a moment, get ‘Made In Nigeria Vol. 1’. It speaks for itself.

Download the E book HERE


Happy Independence in Arrears
God bless Nigeria.

Oladipupo Akolade

Oladipupo Akolade R is a published poet. His first book- Poems from service: The Companion- was published in March, 2014.

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