3 Key Reasons To Avoid Budget Android Phones

photoAndroid phones have seen a lot of amendments since it advent.  From improved hardware to sophisticated operating systems and downgrades as well for budget types.  These budget types, although not as popular as the high-end gadgets are used by many across the country.

A majority of Nigerians have traded in their old phones for these devices as they are driven by the desire to own an impressive smartphone at an affordable amount and are not entirely aware of the limitations that come with them.

To prevent buyers from falling into this budget-android-phone trap, Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal suggests 3 keys reason to stay away from budget android phones.

Limited features

Owning a budget android phone most definitely locks you in for a painfully slow android experience. No matter how flashy the phone looks, it features and specs are always less sophisticated and durable than the high-end counterpart. Often, the picture quality as well as the gaming experience is extremely flawed and downloading can be a nightmare, so the gadget fails to give you the kind of satisfaction android users expect.

Restricted Updates

Unlike high-end android phones, these budget devices are now programmed to support all updated released for the operating system. Users are limited to certain versions and cannot really have the same experience as basic android users. As a result, certain functions are not enabled while surfing the internet. Also, some of these budget phone are built for certain locations and so you are not at granted access to updates and upgrades that would be available for other regions.

Annoying bugs

These budget android phones are usually prone to incessant and bothersome bugs. Also, their security holes go unpatched. All these eventualities could lead to the phone hanging all the time, the screen freezing and the battery overheating. Also, the phones are usually prone to crash unexpectedly, leaving the users trapped in stressful a state of helplessness.


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