5 Tips To Increase Your Typing Speed

Access to computers have made everyone has drawn attention to the need to grow beyond hunting and pecking on the keyboard.

Although secretarial jobs are no longer attractive because most people would rather work on their documents themselves than employ a professional to do it, it helps to consistently work on expanding the dexterity with which texts and letters are completed. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some tips that can help you type faster.

Know your keyboard

If you want to be flawless in typing, you must know your keyboard. On letter F and J, you will notice a bar on each letter, use this two letters to place your fingers on the keyboard and observe how easy it is for you to navigate the keyboard.

Focus on the screen

A typing flaw is to look at the keyboard while typing. You will never learn how to type quickly if this becomes a habit. By the way, it shows you are an amateur if you focus your attention on the keyboard. With your eyes on the screen, your fingers will get used to the position of the various keys thus preventing you from making typos on your keyboard.


Practice makes perfect. Even if you have mastered your keyboard, it is very important to practice again and again. It will help your fingers familiarize itself with the keyboard and with time you will perfect your typing skills.

Use Shortcuts

Shortcuts often make typing quick and fast. Interesting, there are many shortcuts that you need to know. Some of them are Ctrl+C=copy, Ctrl+B=bold, Ctrl+I=italic and Ctrl+J=justify.
Learn with typing Apps

Type racer, typing maniac, and kerb.com are among the many typing apps that can help master the art of typing.


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