5 Essential Gadgets For The Modern Nigerian Home

Gone are the days when Nigerians were satisfied with owning basic furniture such as refrigerators, washing machines and a few pictures on the wall around their homes.

In recent times, especially in urban parts of the country, the need for exquisite ambiance is on the rise and thankfully, the plethora of gadgets – handheld and elect­ronic – being released per time has been instrumental to the process of meeting this need.

At present, to make a modern home, you need modern-day gadgets. Homes are now given major technological revamping to include essential gadgets from basic to luxurious. Looking to add chic and luxury to your home? Jovago.com reveals 5 of these essential gadgets.

Flat screen HDTV

Plasma and LCD television sets are great, but they no longer suffice. High definition televisions (HDTVs) are the focal point of every modern home regardless of the size which can range from 22 inch to as large as 100 inch. There are also a large variety of models and brands for home owners to pick from to suit different room sizes and budgets. Some of these models even allow for internet connectivity and other sophisticated functions.  Major suppliers including Samsung and LG, for example, are the go-too as they offer exciting packages and warranty to buyers.

Wifi router

A Wifi router is essential for high speed internet access. The internet is no longer a luxury in the country as it is proving to be an essential part of everyday life. The idea of going to a cybercafé to complete several tasks may be tedious and almost all hands-on smart gadget including phones, tablets, laptop, some electronics and even security systems, require internet connection to function effectively, so to cut the cost of having different subscription plans on multiple devices used in the same home, a broadband service with good speed and security becomes essential.

Home security

Most Nigerian homes have security guards and gatemen who protect the premises, however, with the decline in morals and unreliability of man, is that really enough? Most modern homes now have security systems, ranging from high standard alarms, video door systems to CCTV cameras. There are a myriad of models to choose from, with different levels of sophistication.


Nigeria may be an oil producing country, but it is no secret that power outages is a major challenge being faced by its citizens. Most modern homes invest in inverters which serves as an alternative source of electricity (from solar energy) for the period when the central power is down or there is scarcity of petrol, gas or diesel. The good thing about inverters is that you may not need fuse them with power stabilizers as the voltage is usually stable and there are rarely power fluctuations.

Home theatre/Sound system

The home theatre does not just add to the aesthetic of a home, but it gives the homeowner a chance to enjoy films and music with better sound quality as it mirrors feelings of being in a theatre or cinema. Most modern homes have this gadget as there are a variety of models with something for every pocket size.


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