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unnamedNigeria’s 36 states have certain uniqueness that attracts visitors to each one of them. From amazing landscapes to charming waterfalls and burgeoning festivals, they serve to project and promote Nigeria’s tourism sector. Thus, enticing tourists that desire an explosive wanderlust to pick a destination to getaway.

Kebbi State in Northwestern Nigeria is a state that was gallantly impregnated by nature and gave birth to irresistible and beautiful destinations which are leading tourists to flood into the land of equity each week.

These destinations were formerly nursed and groomed by Sokoto state. But on August 27, 1991, Kebbi was separated from Sokoto and officially became an independent entity. It has 21 local government areas and a population of 3, 238,628 according to the 2006 census.

To help tourists have a rollicking tour of Kebbi state we unveil this state in its natural beauty.

Top Three Sites

Argungun Fishing Festival

With nets strapped behind them, thousands of able-bodied men plunge into the Madan Fada River with the aim of emerging with the biggest fish.

It’s beginning dates as far back as 1934 when it commenced. Since then, the festival is like the one-legged old woman in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart using a hand fan to ‘call’ people to the town festival. On a typical festival day, Argungun is filled with indigenes, dignitaries, tourists and fun seekers as they have arrived from far and near to witness the festival.

The excitement that permeates the air is contagious and tourists look forward to swimming, canoe racing and the fishing competition itself which is held on the last day of the festival.  A visit to Argungun is incomplete without visiting the river.

Kanta Museum

It is important to document the history of a locale whether it is significant or not as it will serve as a learning platform for generations yet to be born to learn about their culture and traditions. A befitting place to learn about the history of Argungun and Kebbi state is the Kanta Museum built in 1831.

According to a report in the people’s daily, the museum was named after Muhammed Kanta, the founder of Kebbi kingdom in 1515.

The museum served as the palace of the Emir of Kebbi before it later became it was converted. So, Kanta museum is a guaranteed place to learn about the history and ways of life of the people Argungu. As a boost, the museum was recently taken over by the National Commission of Museums and Monuments for better management.

Fortunately, the museum still maintains a large chunk of its architectural design.

Zuru Uhola Festival

Culture, tradition and belief are resplendently displayed during the Zuru festival. People who trace their heritage to the Zulu emirate come from far and wide to experience the celebration. It features agricultural shows, Yadato dance and much more. The Zulu festival is celebrated by the Dakarkaris people.


Finding a nice place to relax after an enthralling day in Kebbi is easy. Even though many of the hotels prefer the Birnin Kebbi and Argungu where the main tourist’s attractions are located, the other local governments in the state have some sort of accommodation that will satisfy the sleeping desires of anyone. The best option for you is to book a hotel online on ahead of your visit. Some of these hotels include Saffar Guest Inn Limited, Peace Executive Suites, Asmara Lodge, City Guest Inn and Kebbi Guest Inn.


Shagalinku Restaurant and Madam BBB restaurant both located in Birnin-Kebbi are two of the best restaurant to savour the taste of indigenous cuisine in Kebbi. So, feel free to walk to any of these restaurants to request for the best of Kebbi cuisine.


The main cities in Kebbi the state holds the best shopping mall in the state. At these malls, you can purchase souvenirs, and other classy items which will remind you of your visit to the land of equity. The shopping malls are Baki Shopping Centre, Alheri Shopping Centre and Okasha Shopping Mall. Each of these malls provides wide-ranging services that actually make them a one-stop centre for shopping and fun.


More than 30,000 fishermen plunge into the Madan Fada River to catch the biggest fish each year. In 2008, the prize reward was $33,000, a car and a ticket to go on the hajj pilgrimage. Hence, many fishermen will do anything to win these juicy rewards. In 2008 edition, Bello Yakub, purported winner was arrested and jailed for presenting a dead fish which weighed 66kg.

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