5 Ways To Make Travel Less Stressful

Taking time off work to travel or go on vacation should be a stress-free process because of the hustle and bustle of work-related activities can sap one of vital energy.

However, some travelers still encounter stress due to the failure to plan their journey’s properly. This will make the vacation a burden as the purpose will not be achieved. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on how to you can have a stress-free trip.

Pack the night before

This is the best option for everyone who needs to beat the heavy Lagos traffic or constant rain in Port Harcourt. Packing a day before will ensure that your luggage is intact and assure you that you are not missing anything. To prevent any mishap is advisable you use a packing list when you travel.

Charge your gadget

Phones, laptops, headset, digital watch and other devices must be fully charged if you do not want to run helter-skelter searching for a place to recharge your phone. Carrying a power bank will come handy when you want to make emergency calls or business calls and you are out of battery. It is unpalatable.

Be early

Packing the night before will make it possible for you to arrive early to the airport, catch your flight and get to the destination at the appropriate time. You will be amazed at how reaching your destination early will help you settle down.


Sleep helps reinvigorate the body. So, during your travels, ensure that you have as much as rest as possible.

Know your itinerary

You must plan your itinerary before you travel so that the trip will not be erratic. For example ask, which hotel will you stay? Who will pick you at the airport? What is your room number? How many tourist’s destinations are you visiting? You must pre-plan this before venturing to your destination.


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