(VIDEO) Felabration Day 1 by DZRPT (@dzrpt_tv)

felaDay 1 of Felabration 2015!!! DZRPTtv angels Amiola and Melissa bring you a feel of the crazy fun activities currently going down at the New Afrika Shrine! They spoke to everyone from the dancers backstage and some of the crowd, to legendary Afrobeat musician and Fela’s son Femi Kuti, who gave us some awesome scoop about his father. They also tried out some of the food and drinks and show you just some of the fun that can be had at #Felabration2015!!! #justlikethat

Look out for the DZRPTtv angels at Felabration 2015!!! If you spot them, take a picture, follow on Twitter and Instagram @dzrpt_tv, tag us using #DZRPTingFelabration and #JustLikeThat, and you could win a really dope t-shirt from Allen & Fifth in conjunction with ThaLoot!!!

(VIDEO) Felabration Day 3 by DZRPT (@dzrpt_tv)
Tips & Tricks: How To Best Enjoy Felabration 2015 #JustLikeThat @dzrpt_tv

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