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the-world2-smilie-frown300I’ve joked about this particular topic a couple of times but I think I got disgusted today and made a topic out of it. There are so many wrong with the new world and everyone seems cool about it.

I grew up listening to the old ones say that this world has spoilt, I never understood their point until lately, the world is in a very disgusting state presently which shames me for being a part of the present generation.

I see a very good number of the present generation (which I belong to) want to enjoy life without stress, nobody wants to sweat for anything but then they want to enjoy same privileges as the hard workers. I’ve never heard of someone who makes it without stress. Of all the success stories I’ve read, I don’t think anybody has made it without at least starting from somewhere, these same crop of people are the ones that will see someone working hard and still laugh at him like he’s the one that likes work, minutes later, they drive their shameless butts down to his place to borrow from him. People around me know that I don’t beg for favors, if I need your help, I’d rather ask what I can do for you. Most times its service for service as against begging for favor which will end up making me indebted to you in the future.

There’s this thing that disgusts me these days and its the stupid english called “Baby mama and Baby Daddy” when i was growing up, there was nothing like that and that I’m not talking about the 70’s or the 80’s, i was born in the 90’s and I don’t think that was in the vocabulary then. This was introduced into our dictionaries 2 or 3 years ago and it is now so popular that it is way too alarming for the world itself. Hello baby mama’s and baby daddy’s around, i have a message for you, it only shows the level of responsibility of the both of you but then more blame goes to the man/ guy. Why start something you are not ready to cater for. Why bring the innocent child to this world when you are not ready to be a family man? So many ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy these days (I’m not advocating for abortion though).

I’m and advocate for women empowerment same way I’m an advocate for proper marriage. A lot of women want to be empowered (fantastic) but it shouldn’t be the reason for you to be single. Men don’t want to marry a liability, but men don’t want to be threatened at the same time. A man will choose to marry someone who he can control (we are in an African society). Don’t even allow Chimamanda’s speech in Beyoncé’s song deceive you. It’s cool to make it but when you flaunt your wealth too much and its in our faces trust me, guys will run away and you’ll end up as a forever MISS. I see most women just look forward to their wedding ceremony and ignore the marriage itself that is going to be a life time deal. All they want is the Bella Naija feature and the beautiful pictures that come with the ceremony. The life after the merriment is not planned for and that forms the basis for the crash of most marriages. And sometimes the reason again for the baby mama and baby papa rubbish.

This is the generation that promotes and cheers the most frauds, no one wants to know if your money is legal or not, they just want to spend with you, everyone wants to live a flashy lifestyle and more youth now engage in cyber crime. I blame some parents though, they don’t know if their child is working or not, but he’s getting paid someway. Nobody questions the child’s source of income and because this is not happening most of the present youth engage in cyber crime and prostitution.

So Many other faults in this generation like the use of hard drugs and the introduction of the new families (gays and lesbians) and our entertainers who are supposed to be role models are not making things easy at all. Instead of preaching what’s right in their songs, they preach the negative and even their lifestyle is worse.

Where do we turn to? Where did we get it all mixed up???

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