5 Helpful Techs For People With Disabilities

useTechnology is helping create solutions in almost every sphere of our lives. From online shopping to applications development and other assistive technologies.

For people with disabilities, they are not left behind as exciting and amazing tech ideas have evolved to help them with easier movement, sight and hearing among other disabilities. These various technologies can easily be ordered online. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some of these which are helping people with disabilities.

Braille Smartphones

The visually impaired are probably enjoying the best of technology at present. Different innovations have been created to help them live above their impairment.

The Braille Smartphone is one of those innovations. This one is different because it is a touch screen. The user is alerted by pin form shapes and character. This makes it easier for the person to access the messages.


The SMART-Seizure Monitoring And Transducer Belt works like magic for persons experiencing epileptic seizures. The belt helps to alert the patient whenever they are about to experience a seizure. This belt to a large extent has reduced the social stigma associated with epilepsy.


The Eyeborg is a tech device for persons that are colour blind. Colour blindness may not be a major disability to devote technology but for some people, it’s a big deal. The technology helps people who are colorblind to identify colours.

Bionic Arm

These electronic prosthetics have given individuals whose arms were amputated a new use for their arm. It’s quite expensive but worth it.

Intel Ebook Reader

Intel is the world’s leading producer of semiconductor chips in the world. The Intel Ebook Reader is an amazing piece of technology that has made reading E-book versions of best sellers less cumbersome to purchase. It’s easy to operate and the reading is clear, crisp and accurate.

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