Major Cities In The Middle Belt Of Nigeria

unnamedNigeria is a large country with many tribes and ethnic groups settling in various regions. However, the cities in the Middle belt of the country, although marked by history, are often neglected when popular urban areas around the country are being celebrated.

Despite the occasional turbulence in the area, the Niger-Benue Confluence region is no longer the bargain it once was as it offers something unique in exotic landmarks, shopping, food, entertainment, and culture. In fact, some of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria such as Jos are located within this region.

Looking to explore the middle belt of Nigeria? Read on as gives you a head start with a list of the five major cities in region.


Jos is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the middle zone of Nigeria. Nestled in Plateau and very close to the capital city of Abuja, it is picture-perfect and very easy to navigate.  With a rich history and culture, an outdoorsy atmosphere and large attractions, there are numerous activities you can try, including hiking and biking.


Minna has a long and prominent history. Currently the seat of law and leadership in Niger state, the city is endowed with monuments and memorials that represents both the past and present, attracting both nationals and tourists from around the globe.  It also features a heterogeneous blend of religions and traditions which adds to its reputation as a spirited and colorful society.


A major stop on the road for travelers to Abuja and other Northern parts of the country, Lokoja is indeed an appealing city. This city is something of an up-and-coming destination, and you may need to look beyond the city’s average structures – a reminder of this area’s diverse culture and religious history- to see its true beauty. The real draw of Lokoja, however, is its peaceful and almost hedonistic lifestyle of its people.


Often regarded as a south-western town rather than a city in the middle belt, Illorin, the capital of Kwara state,  is the 13th largest city in Nigeria by population. Populated by Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Nupe, other Nigerians and foreign nationals, the city features a confluence of cultures and thus is a notable tourist destination. Ilorin is popular for pottery and textile, and is also a trading center for agricultural produce as well as the site of a sugar refinery, a match factory, and a plant for processing tobacco.


Located on the banks of Benue River and populated mostly by indigenes of the Tiv, Idoma and Igede ethnic groups, Markurdi is an intriguing place that is fast evolving. To really see the city in full swing, visitors plan their trips to coincide with the lively festivals held within the area, including the new yam festival. The people are friendly and there is abundance of food, meaning you are certain to have a marvelous time.

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