Once You Can Accept Failure, You Can Have Fun And Success #OLODOM pic.twitter.com/lBamFwGC3r


Today’s quote is for Chelsea fans… I’m deeply concerned. It is one thing to fail and and accept you’re failing and another to blame things/people for your failure.

Jose Mourinho blamed the remaining 7 billion plus people in the world for the team’s shortcoming last season.

Now the errors has gotten so bad, it’s getting out of hand.

We can all learn from this… accepting that we are failing is not a bad thing. It is just a prompt that we need to do things differently.

The earlier we accept failure… the sooner we can be on the way to success.

NB: (To Abrahimovic) I did not ask you to sack Mourinho o… he just needs a shrink  (and NO, I’m not available)

Have a lovely Sunday buddies


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