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know original hairI know a lot of us ladies are into the virgin human hair craze and it can be very sad, sometimes even depressing to spend so much cash on some hair bundles, be so excited only to have it start tangling and matting after a few days. Imagine wasting so much money on fake human hair extensions.

Nowadays, everyone is selling human hair! Different people on Instagram and BBM be like “original virgin Brazilian hair and closure for sale” and you have absolutely no idea where they actually get their hair from. What makes the hair virgin is its treatment. Only hair that has not been processed, permed or dyed, and the cuticle is still intact is virgin hair.

A while ago I decided to buy my own hair (as an investment so I could use it multiple times). I hardly ever go into stuff blindly, so I did my research well! Google is my very good friend. I searched for all the possible ways to know fake human hair and I’ll be sharing these tips with you. Sometimes it can be very obvious by just looking at the hair closely and feeling the texture, but then some can look and feel real too


  1. Flame/Burn Test: 

Cut a small piece of hair, and introduce it to a burning flame. If they burn, and then turn into a little ball, and smell like burning hair (if are familiar with the smell of “asun” or pomo in the making then you can relate), then they are real. If they kind of melt and ball up, and smell like burning plastic, then they are acrylic or plastic. Synthetic hair will also produce black smoke when it’s burned.

Fake hair spotting

  1. Bleach Test:

Real human hair gets light REALLY FAST depending on the grade. Synthetic hair will probably burn.

Sometimes these crooks mix human and synthetic hair together. So one has to be very careful. Before you buy anything, shine your eyes well, make sure you get good reviews from reliable people who have used hair from that company. Hope this post was a bit helpful. Have you ever bought fake human hair? Please share your experience!!!!

Post by Ojuolape of Beauty Geek 





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