Heard Of Uber? Get A Free Luxury Ride! Just input the Promo Code “UberOlodo” Here’s How: pic.twitter.com/zmeNnE9zXv

uber2What if I told you you can pick up your phone wherever you are in Lagos and call a fully air conditioned unbranded car to come pick you up at home and take you wherever you want for FREE?

uberIts pretty simple, just:

Download the UBER app on APPLE STORE or PLAY STORE 

Input your Visa/Mastercard detail(don’t worry it’s safe)

Click on promotions & input “UBEROLODO” (that’s the code that gives you the free ride)


Input current location and destination.

Enjoy your free ride and let us know your experience!

About UBER

According to Huffington Posts– Uber is essentially an app which connects drivers with passengers directly, instead of through a centralised booking service or just hailing a car in the street.

The app — which is available on Android and iOS — pitches itself as a safe and reliable way to get on-demand rides in most of the world’s major cities.

Using GPS, it detects your location and connects you with the nearest driver. You can also request a specific type of car if you prefer – such as a luxury ride or a straightforward taxi. The app texts you when the driver arrives and you can check the identity of the driver against who actually shows up.

The app also gives you a price estimate, and is cashless — you pay through the app, including tips. You can even split the fare between different riders.

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