4 Reasons Nigerian Celebrities Should Get Their Own Apps

app_wallThere is no doubt that the app market in Nigeria is getting flooded and some developers are now beginning to find it difficult to  get their ideas noticed. Truth be told, most of these apps which are available in the market lack the ‘zing’ that some developers in other parts of the world have already termed – celebrity apps.

It is undeniable that the Nigerian society, especially those in Lagos, is utterly fascinated with the upper-class, elite and famous, and as such, there are opportunities for developers to key into the obsession and garner for themselves a slew of new clients, expanding both their customer base and the domestic app market at large . These personalities and celebrities, on the other hand, also get for themselves a platform that offers them a myriad of benefits strategic to their personal brand portfolios. It is a win-win.

Apps are gradually evolving into something that any celebrity is expected to own, like a personal website. Currently, the Kardashian clan and the Whalerock Digital Media (the designers) are leading in this area with their various apps already launched into the global app market; and a great number of other celebrities around the [western] world is falling in line behind them. In Nigeria however, Korede Bello’s Godwin app is still one of the few that have come close to getting with the program.

Could it possibly be that the local developers, as well as celebrities are unaware of the benefits to this trend? And if so, what are these benefits that they stand to gain? Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking service offers 4 reasons why celebrities in Nigeria need to get their own apps.

A platform for self-promotion and brand expansion

The celebrity app serves as a huge addition to the celebrity’s personal brand portfolio, as it not only enhances their brand, but also promotes them on a larger sphere.  It gives them a chance to communicate effectively to a wide range of groups, including fans and critics, creating room for benefaction and support of their brand, as well as ensuring loyalty amongst fans.

A solid source of revenue

Although no celebrity will openly admit it to their fans and followers, money is a pivotal part of what they do and serves as a huge motivation. While these apps are presented as a platform through which these celebrities can interact with their fans and keep them up-to-the-minute with their activities and personal life, it is also a huge opportunity for them to generate more revenue and increase sales. The apps could be offered at a certain price, and if offered for free, will certainly have in-built features that users would have to buy to gain a better experience. Also, celebrities can advertise their branded products including calendars and perfumes, as well as their art – music or films and gain more sales.

Attract new followers and grow fan base:

There is no denying that the fans are of utmost important to the celebrities as these day, they can make or break them. Releasing these celebrity apps creates a platform from which these idols can give their followers and likers unprecedented and exclusive personal access to their lives, creating room for interaction with fans in real time – a huge step in building fan relationship and a fan community.

A means to stay in vogue

In this digital age, you rarely find fans expressing love or showing allegiance to our idols stalking them for autographs or sending off postal orders to join their fan club. Fans now explore less analogue options by following these idols on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and Snapchat, as well as downloading their apps. Having an app that is accessible to your fans not only gives the celebrity an opportunity to tap into the social media boom, thereby staying in vogue with the trends, but also presents them to their fans and the world at large as tech-savvy, an endearing trait for any celebrity in this current times.


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