Body Language Tricks For Business Travellers

Everyone business man thrives on confidence and integrity; and the ultimate business traveler understands the need to exude these characteristics in every destination as most times, the success of their endeavors depend on it.

As important as this is, not all business travelers are naturally endowed with it. Most groom the virtue over time by culturing their body to play the role through certain gestures, body language and subconscious signals, as these play a huge role in determining how they are perceived by others and subsequently influences how well their business meeting or transactions turn out.

Fortunately, the necessary body language which channels this required confidence and integrity can easily be developed through practice. It is therefore important that people study the signals we give out when meeting others, as while a person’s true motives and intentions may not be necessarily known on a first meeting, the body language goes a long way to create a first impression which could make or break the possibility of a long-term relationship.

From the way you move your eyes to the way you shake a hand,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking service suggests psychological tricks that can make any executive exude confidence and integrity.

Ditch the Frown

Put on a happy face. Everyone responds positively to a smile, especially when it is soft and subtle. There are some people who are convinced that they have the “resting bitch face syndrome” and  cannot help a frown even when their face is on neutral, but that is not entirely true.

A facial expression is something that can be mastered through practice. A frown has a way of putting people off or making them perceive you as a social danger, even when you are not. A genuine smile on the other hand, when delivered properly, gives off the impression that you are nice and you are most possibly trustworthy; and this beefs up your integrity, making it very easily to convince the prospective partners to seal the deal.

Keep Eye Contact

In some cultures, steady eye contact especially when relating with an older person is seen as rude, however, on a general note, it can be instrumental to creating an impression. The eye is said to be the window to the soul, as well as mirror that reflects thoughts, and so, it is a plays an important role in exuding confidence and credibility.

To appear confident and capable to whoever you are meeting, it is important to maintain eye contact throughout the time. The constant eye contact also makes people perceive you as more open and sincere.

While keeping eye contact, avoid blinking too rapidly or staring completely blank at the other person as it might have the adverse effect of presenting you as uninterested, cold or even creepy. If you need to break eye contact for any reason, do it slowly rather than abruptly, that way you still hold the person’s attention.

Reach Out and Touch

Although a popular gesture that depicts friendship and cordiality, this trick is relative as it can get very uncomfortable in certain situations. It is best applicable in greetings. Always warmly greet the person you are meeting by clasping their hand, laying a hand on their shoulder, patting them on the back and even pecking them on the cheek.

As long as the contact does not take too long or get inappropriate, touching while greeting is quite an agreeable way of introducing yourself to someone; and it instantly endears you to the person as by doing so, you make them feel at ease, and you also send out the impression that you are warm, approachable and confident.

Sit or stand up straight, but stay relaxed

It may seem like a stretch, but your posture certainly influences the way people perceive you and eventually think of you.  A good posture entails having your spinal cord completely straight and this greatly exudes confidence, a key ingredient every business man’s book.

While putting on this straight posture, it is important to avoid getting too rigid or fixated. Try to keep your body loose and relaxed.  The trick is to keep your abs and general core under some tension. Avoid getting floppy while standing or sitting. Not only does it reflect well upon your posture, it also makes it easier to move with grace. Relax your neck and angle your head, do not puff your chest, keep it flat as though you are lying on a floor and pull your shoulders back very slightly. It works all the time.


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