Final Year Students: Expectations And The Real Situation By @Brown_Mzz


Now that it’s almost over, now that the institution is gearing to throw us out ( yes, they are), now that we’ll no longer be referred to as undergraduate, no dealing with porters, cab men and all. Now that all those are about to happen. What next?

Okay, i’m rushing… it’s quite fantastic, the idea of leaving school. Yay! I remember vividly, “staight outta 300 level”, “final year loading” and all those brouhaha. All the congrats rolling in, the cheers amongst friends ver plastics of soft drinks. And the very noise on class whatsapp groups, DP’S. Alas! We’d be signing out soon; no more assignments, projects, exam fever and all. How exciting!!!

Let me throw your minds back to the beginning. Jamb classes, passed the exam after like how many times? ( if you sat for the exam once, applause) . Then your name was on the list, see excitement, especially if your name was published in the papers… and some people’s dad kept that page.. monument. Then comes the white and black tradition, matriculation ceremony. So, real business started. – classes, assignments, tests, group works, strike too, exam… Year 1,2, 3 and now we are about to bounce.

Back to reality. This is the point where we jump really high. Imagine the bounce baloon or castle, the leap…yeah. Now picture the happy moment of being in the air, then the landing. The thrill is over. Sadly, in this situation, you cannot take another leap,unless, unless.

So, when we eventually get outta the school, what happens? Home chilling, job hunting, call up letter anticipating and all that waiting for a miracle game. Apparently, its not so fantastic. Ask the freshest graduates, they’ll tell you. Or perhaps, go over your life during the hols. Time will come when Dad and Mom will not send you again, as long as you are eating three-square meal. No allawee, you cannot inflate book price, movie hang out, the elegushi chilling and club paroling; they might just evaporate into tin air. So, before reality hits you like a tornado and leaves you paranoid, there are ways to rescue the situation or at least, stay smiiling in the sun.

Chiefly, this iss the hour of saving. If you have not been, its not too late. Save and save, rainy days are coming, with a storm. This is not the time to stock up your wardrobe to come and impress us in class because you are in your finals. Baby, impress your bank account. If possible, slash your allowance into two, save a half and spend the other wisely. It’s probably not this bad, neither is saving your money bad, remember the ants.

Invest in good clothing. Nobody will hire your swag, no one cares about your swag outside the school gate. You know what they say about class. By class, I do not mean expensive, designer class. Class here is, decent, responsible and goodd nurtured kind of wears. Remember, the money might not flows so well, keeping up with trends might become challenging. 2016 is around the corner, boy pull your pants up. Girl, forget those chokers. Yeah! They look good, just grow up please. Maybe you should also consider the braids; marley braids. All those hairstyles that are pretty, money saving and serves long ( not enough reason to have a smelly head ). Save up the wig and human hair money, plenty time will come for that. And, wouldn’t you be so engrossed in your projects and all? Long story short, spend wisely and buy smartly.

For the very shy, reserved ones; it’s time to loosen up. Mingle. The clique people and ‘we sit alone’ chanters, its time to grow up. Get to know your course mates. You need everybody. Famz if possible, you do not know which hand shake will open the door.

Endeavour to acquaint yourself with new innovations. Be daring, don’t swim in shallow waters. Garner every reasonable skill. Some people are yet to know what to do with a laptop aside playing movies and typing assignment… of course, that’s not enough. Be open to new knowledge, everyone knows life is full of surprises.

There are definitely a hundred andd one ways to get prepared, just do what is necessary. Do not be caught unawares, its a tough world out there, ask anyone. In the meantime, happy-last-long-holiday. Enjoy it. May there be no strike to keep us longer than required.

A Finalist.

Nifemi Brown.

Art Enthusiast. Writer. Humanist

Twitter : @brown_mzz

Instagram : nifemibrown

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