The Ancient Splendor Called Potiskum

unnamedThe largest city in Yobe State, North-east Nigeria, Potiskum is a local government which strongly competes with the state’s capital Damaturu.  More commonly recognized as a local government area in the state with the largest cattle market in Africa, as well as the largest millet market in North-East Nigeria, the city has a lot of booming businesses in the area with business travellers and contractors visiting from all part of the country including neighboring Borno, Jigawa, Kano, Bauchi and Gombe States, as well as other African countries such as Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Benin and Central African Republic.

Full of ancient history and rich in culture and tradition, Potiskum is also recognized as the headquarters of both the ancient Fika emirate and the reinstated Potiskum Emirate. In addition, there are traces of colonial presence in the town and in its vicinities, which lend a hand to Nigeria’s independence history. Experience the ultimate tour to Potiskum and search new places to visit on your trip. Those who have being fed by with the endless diet of images depicting Iran as a dark, dangerous place full of Boko Haram terrorists, discovering the real Potiskum is the most wonderful surprise.


Potiskum Airstrip

Potiskum has an airport located in the city’s GRA from the western part of the town along Kano road. Many residents as well as visitors are unaware of its existence however, the airport was built 64 years ago and is functional. The original aim of constructing the airport was to make the movements of the colonialists in and out of Potiskum easy as the town was also the gateway to other nearby towns in the north, which had enhanced trading activities and other associated commercial services in the region.

Potiskum Cattle Market

The Potiskum cattle market is renowned as one the largest Cattle market in Africa and the largest in West Africa. Most of the cattle are transported to other parts of the country and it creates a lot of business opportunities for the local indigenes in the area.

Potiskum Grain market

Very close in proximity to the cattle market, the Potiskum grain/millet market is the largest grain market in Northern Nigeria as it is estimated (2008) to sell 500 bags of grain on market day. Most products are transported to other parts of the country and neighboring countries as well.


In Potiskum the major markets offer most of the most interesting shopping options. Tourists can buy souvenirs from roadside craft centers where handicrafts from different regions are sold. Vendors in the shops and markets around the city expect customers to bargain for goods and tourists are allowed to window shop.


Due to the recent attacks on the city by terrorist groups, the hospitality industry has suffered significantly. There are however some hotels, Inns and motels open to tourist and travelers who till keen on touring the city. From boutique hotels to Inns and friendly homestays, find Potiskum hotels at Most of the lodging options are affordable – an appealing attribute for budget travelers.


The culinary offering of Potiskum combines a wide range of cuisines from around the country and with authentic northern food. Very few restaurants however embody the best of intercontinental culture and gastronomy. Most common are fast food joints, bukkas and small eating huts which cater to the numerous inhabitants and business travelers who visit the city.


The Potiskum Emirate (or Pataskum Emirate) is a traditional state in Nigeria, with headquarters in Potiskum, Yobe State. The Emir holds the title “Mai”.

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