DZRPT Exclusive Interview With The Collectiv3 ~ Announcing Album’s Commercial Release

collectiveOn Nigeria’s Independence Day, The Collectiv3 was introduced to the world with no prior warning. They hit us right away with the self-titled, “The Collectiv3 LP”, taking music lovers by surprise, not just because of the refreshing sounds and what they represent but because it is FREE. The LP has received rave reviews with many of tracks being played on all major stations. Rumour has it that we should be expecting visuals for almost every track on the record and we can’t wait!

“New Nigerian crew of rappers, singers, and producers serve up everything from icy beats to earworm hip-pop.” – FADER MAGAZINE

“The Collective is arguably the best project you will hear this year. The production is solid which makes for a very satisfying listen. If you’re tired of listening to the same music you hear every day, The Collectiv3 is a must-listen.” – 

“All of them are known to challenge mainstream music, a manifesto they amplified by launching on 1 October, Nigeria’s independence day.”– The Guardian UK

DZRPT TV caught up with The Collectiv3 at the Re.Le Art Gallery in Lagos as the crew were gearing up for the official commercial release of their debut collaboration. Click the link below to watch as Temi Dollface, SDC, Poe, Ikon, Kid Konnect and Funbi discuss the idea behind the project, their creative processes, what it was like to collaborate with one another and plans for the future.

They also hit us with all the information on what’s going on with their individual projects and where they will be popping up next! Music lovers everywhere can breathe a huge sigh of relief as this album brings a whole new experience!

The mixture of new sounds, varied instrumentals and diverse vocals make this album worth a listen. Check the interview out, and get the album below!

Watch The Collectiv3 interview below

The Collectiv3 LP is now available on all major digital and mobile platforms! Click here to download The Collectiv3 on iTunes!

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