The Artist Behind The Burnaboy’s “On A Spaceship” Artwork And Album Cover Design

FullSizeRender23They say the talent of a man speaks volumes; I’m glad mine shouts at the top of its voice. My name is Ken Nwadiogbu, founder Kenart Creation, a young visual artist and the artist behind the “On A Spaceship” album cover by BurnaBoy. Today, I’m proud to have taken my art on a journey where only aliens exist. I’m honored to break the boundary of Nigerian realism itself. I’m delighted to be On A Spaceship.

After a meeting with the Spaceship ENT crew and BurnaBoy himself, I knew they didn’t just want that “cliche” of art. I knew I had to meet up to the standard of the music itself. They tagged it “Good music meets Good art”. Never did I even understand what that meant until I began to scratch my charcoal on the treacherous large white paper. Days upon days, weeks passed, painstaking details, I had a deadline. It wasn’t like no normal month. It was “THE MONTH”. It wasn’t like no normal artwork either. It was “THE ARTWORK”.

I cannot over-emphasize the impact of God on this work. It is indeed a blessing. Just as I couldn’t have done this without Him, I wouldn’t also without the people around me. I am a success story. My life is a success story. And one day, the world will sing it like a hymn.

So this is it! The biggest hyperrealism by me “42x74inches” YES!!! I JUST BROKE THE BOUNDARY!!!

Artwork title: On A Spaceship (Oluwa Burna)

Medium: Charcoal, graphite, and pastel on Paper

Size: 42x74inches

Model: Damini “Burna Boy” Ogulu

Time take: 40 days


Contact Me:

Twitter/IG: @kenartng

BBM: kenartng

Management: (+234) 8089196779

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