Facebook Reveals Its Top 10 Most Talked About Topics, Entertainers And Movies Of 2015

ogEvery year Facebook releases its review for the year gone by and have now released the most talked about topics on the social networking site. As of September 2015, Facebook lays claim to an average of 1.01 billion active users per day. Extend that to a monthly basis and the social network attracts 1.55 billion users.

The vast majority of Facebook’s users—83.5%—are outside the United States and Canada. To put that in context, there are estimated to be about 3.26 billion Internet users worldwide, a figure that’s growing rapidly. This means anything that trends on Facebook is a major indicator of what’s shaking up the world.

So here is the top ten;

1.U.S Presidential elections 

  1. Paris Terror attacks 

3.Syrian civil war and refugee crisis 

4.Nepal earthquakes 

5.Greek debt crisis

6.Marriage equality 

7.Fight against ISIS 

8.Charlie Hebdo attack 

9.Baltimore protests

  1. Charleston shooting and flag debate

In addition to sharing its top 10 most talked about topics, Facebook also revealed the most talked-about entertainers, movies and shows of 2015:

Entertainer: Ed Sheeran

TV Show: “Game of Thrones”

Movie: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Athlete: Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Game: FIFA 15


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