5 Types Of Soccer Fans You Will Find At Viewing Centres

unnamedFans are the ones who make football interesting to watch. Imagine an empty stadium without fans! Boring, right. Their noise, boos and shenanigans create a fever pitch and energetic atmosphere such that viewers never have a dull moment all through the game.

In Lagos, there are viewing centres in nearly all the nooks and crannies of the city. And at the weekend, fans troop to these centres to watch their favourite teams, especially those playing in Europe playing the game of soccer. At these various centres, you are likely to find all kinds of football fans and Jovago.com, identifies five of these.

The passionate fan

The passionate fan is more like the die-hard aficionado. He does not miss any of the games played by his team. Their mood is very predictable: happy when their team is winning and sad whenever they lose. This fan can only be approached when his team is victorious.

The Bad belle fan

The primary mission of this type of fan is to taunt other fans. They are experts in bad mouthing everything about the teams or coaches that they utterly dislike to the annoyance of other fans. You find them at all viewing centres.

The football Professors

These are the football encyclopaedias. They are the ‘google’ of their favourite teams. For example, if they support Arsenal, they can tell you everything about the club from the number of trophies won, to set records and many other relevant statistics that an average fan would not know. You don’t want to argue with this type fan because they are very opinionated. They believe that their statistics will win them any argument in soccer.

The betting fan

Sports betting is the trend now. There are many betting companies in Lagos today where you can place a bet on different games daily. The betting fan is always at the edge of his seat as he follows the live score of the different teams he placed his bet on. They have little or no passion for the game but are just concerned about the bets so that can win some cash.

The Neutral fan

They are neither passive nor active; they just love watching and enjoying good football. If they are asked the team they support, the response is “I support any winning team’!They just love soccer!


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