Two University Students From Ghana & Nigeria Suspended In UK Over Jollof Rice Origin Fight

NigerianpartyJollofricemyactivekitchen-600x400Two students of College of South West London in the UK have suspended indefinitely for a fight which ended with one of them going home with two broken teeth—and a red eye.

The students-Tracy Osei Assibey from Ghana and Lateefa Oyedepo are reported to have gotten into a fierce medieval fight which started from their shared apartment’s kitchen and ended up on the streets.

Apparently, Lateefah was peacefully cooking her jolloff rice when Tracy commented that, she was doing it the wrong way and that she shouldn’t use the fat grain easy cook rice.

Lateefah then replied that how Nigerians cook jollof is the right way since Ghanaians as usual stole jollof rice from them—adding that, Ghanaian jollof rice tastes disgusting compared to the big rice Nigerian one.

That’s how it started—the BBC says, things got heated and soon the two students starting pulling each other’s weaves, followed by heavy punches.

For about two-and-half hours, the students fought each other and descended down stairs from their 5th floor apartment with the fight – until one of the college’s lecturers from Sierra Leone, Mrs. Adelaide Walters, jumped in-between them to pull them apart.

At a disciplinary meeting which led to their suspension over the weekend, Mrs. Adelaide Walters, who was present as a witness to the fight, stated that it is absurd for two students who would possibly become future leader to fight over the origin and cooking of jollof rice – especially when both of them are wrong about the origin and cooking method.

Mrs Walters indicated to the hearing board that jollof rice originates from her country, Sierra Leone and the way both Ghanaians and Nigerians cook it is wrong but she does not go about fighting anyone.

The third year students have been suspended indefinitely by the university.


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