4 Ways To Ensure Your Christmas Isn’t The Loneliest Time Of The Year

Loneliness is a monster.

It will trap you, corner you, feed off of all your fears and anxieties and make you feel helpless.

Loneliness is a lie.

It will make you feel worthless and like you have no significance.

Loneliness will strip you of all you have grown to love about yourself and leave you feeling hollow.

Apart from the anguish associated with this monster, it is the physical harboring that is most detrimental.

Loneliness can cause us to binge-eat by tricking us into believing food is our friend, and in doing that, unwanted weight gain is the product.

This monster seems as if it can come in, take away from everything you have ever known and leave you with no possible way to beat it.

This is where things take a glorious turn for the better.

You can beat loneliness and make it a destination so far out of your mind it will be impossible to go there unless you choose to do so.

  1. Spend time with old friends.

Company makes time better.

The laughter, the sharing of old memories, the talk of new ventures and the planning of trips we never got around to leaves us all in such a euphoric state that loneliness is not even an option.

Old friends make our loneliness dormant when we spend time with them.

  1. Get a workout buddy.

Having a workout buddy helps me combat loneliness during the holidays because being around positive and ambitious energy makes me feel blessed, warm and focused on reaching goals I have set for myself.

A running partner will also help keep you focused on getting to where you are going, instead of succumbing to loneliness.

Working out and staying active during the break will help your body and your mind combat the demon of loneliness.

  1. Surround yourself with unconditional love.

Being around family or a pet can help with loneliness.

When you walk through the door and your dog’s tail is wagging so hard it may fall off, you soon forget about anything and everything that was bothering you up to that point.

Seeing your family and hearing how proud they are of you — even if you haven’t done anything — will vanquish times of loneliness.

  1. Do early morning workouts.

Endorphins are released from something as small as popping your fingers, finishing a project you have been wanting to complete and finishing a tough workout before anyone else is up.

It gives you a feeling of happiness and the thought process of, “I can do anything.”

This is a thought each and every person deserves.

Early morning workouts to start your day will put you in a good mood, and it will lay the feelings of loneliness to rest, all while you indulge in the most wonderful time of the year.

Loneliness seems silly to some, but to others, it is a very real struggle.

Surrounding yourself with daily activities and people who have your best interest in mind will conquer this beast, and it will help keep you focused on what the holidays should really be about: family and good company.

There are times when being alone is good for you.

It can allow you to recharge, find out more about yourself and feed off your own energy.

Being alone and loneliness are two different things.

The holidays are a joyous time.

It’s a time when everyone comes together, and it’s a time when you can reach goals you have set for yourself.

Workout, get a workout partner and surround yourself with love and support.

Do not let loneliness take over you and who you are.


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