How To Save Money On Christmas Shopping This Season

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Christmas season entitles a lot of wining & dining and that translates to a lot of shopping which in turn means a lot of money spent on shopping. Making the right decisions on what to shop & where to shop can make the difference in your financial management for the Christmas.

Price comparison is very valuable in these tough economic situations.

Speaking of prices, have you ever wondered how huge are the price differences at various supermarkets around you? You may be shocked if you found out there is indeed a lot of savings to be made if you buy your things at the right place.

For example, you will be able to save almost N3,790 per shopping, depending on how much you spend for the day.

A recent review of prices between SPAR and another major supermarket in City has shown that the cost of 19 items from SPAR / Park ‘n’ Shop came to N24,325 compared to N28,075 from another store, which means a clear saving of N3.790

SPAR Price Other Shop Price Savings
FRUTTA NATURAL APPLE JUICE 1LTR         195.00                   239.00        44.00
GORDON’S LONDON DRY GIN 70CL      1,850.00               1,939.99        89.99
HEINZ BAKED BEANS 400GM         190.00 270.00        79.99
HEINZ SALAD CREAM 285G         390.00 460.00        69.99
INFINITY CORN FLAKES 500G         420.00 750.00     329.99
J.W BLACK LABEL BLENDED WHISKY 12YR 70CL      4,750.00 5,200.00     449.99
J.W RED LABEL WHISKY 70CL      2,290.00 2,420.00     129.99
MARTINI SPARKING BRUT 750ML      2,820.00 3,500.00     679.99
MCVITIE’S DIGESTIVE BISCUITS 125G(LOCAL)         135.00 170.00        34.00
OLDENBURGER F/CRM MILK POWDER SACHET400G         595.00 840.00     244.99
PEAK POWDERED MILK SATCHET 400G         780.00 970.00     189.99
POWER VEGETABLE OIL 3L      1,200.00               1,400.00     200.00
RIBENA RTD BLACKCURRANT 288ML           75.00                   110.00        35.00
SUNOLA SOYABEAN OIL 5LTRS      2,175.00               2,575.00     400.00
OLDENBURGER FULL CREAM UHT 1L         385.00                   449.99        64.99
PEAK LOW FAT UHT MILK 1LTR         340.00                   380.00        40.00
4TH STREET SWEET RED WINE 750ML         525.00                   550.00        25.00
DROSTDY-HOF CLARET SELECT RED 75CL         975.00               1,050.00        75.00
JACK DANIELS WHISKY 75CL       4,195.00               4,800.00     605.00
TOTAL    24,285.00             28,072.90  3,787.9


Another good way to save money this season is to use try out SPAR’s Buy Now then

Pay Later scheme which allows you to shop for electronics, home appliances &

laptops then spread payments over the next few months for as long as 12 months.

SPAR is located Lagos at Leventis b/s Maryland Ikeja, MMA2 terminal Ikeja Airport,

btw 4th & 5th Round about Lekki express & Adeola Odeku st V.I.

SPAR is also located in Abuja at 740 Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse II & in Port

Harcourt at Garrison junction off Aba road & Port Harcourt Mall

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