Kenyan Rock Band Shares Dirty Secrets And How They Feel About Nigerians On #DareMeQuestions

Martin-Sasiaplgshoot2016 is definitely going to be a great year, 2015 was awesome and one of Nigeria’s biggest entertainment platforms, #DareMeQuestions™ wishes you all a successful new year.

The platform which season 2 ended and trended in December 2015 debuts it’s season 3 on Friday with a larger audience reaching over 2million audience from a 1.5 million potential reach.

This time the host, Boss Ricky asked, dared and interviewed one of Kenya’s biggest rock band, Parking Lot Grass from Nairobi.

In 10 daring questions – Duncan, Alistar, Victor, Amos and Rodney shared some of their deepest secrets and how they feel about Nigerians.

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#DareMeQuestions™ – ParkingLotGrass, how often do you guys fight during rehearsals, and when was the last time?

ParkingLotGrass: Maybe one in three sessions there’s something to fight about. Be it creative differences, band issues, lateness…

#DareMeQuestions™ – What do you guys think about the Nigerian audience? Crazy or fun?

ParkingLotGrass: Nigerian audience r both of those from what we’ve managed to see online. Crazy fun! Can’t wait for a Lagos tour!

#DareMeQuestions™ – ParkingLotGrass, you guys are always together most of the time? Who is the weirdest amongst you and the most handsome amongst you?

ParkingLotGrass: Amos is the weirdest, and the prettiest is Victor..

#DareMeQuestions™ – ParkingLotGrass, what’s the greatest challenge the band face or has ever faced?

ParkingLotGrass: getting regular gigs and people to attend the gigs.

There’s a number of challenges. But fund raising must be among the biggest especially in a small scene with few gigs

#DareMeQuestions™ – Anyone of you ever fell for the same girl?

ParkingLotGrass: Not really. We divide & conquer. Strong believers in win-win situations.

Victor Chewya: we all got different tastes, but I always say the best man wins

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