Wiz Khalifa Allegedly Played Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape At His Concert

Wiz-Kanye1-1-768x569The war between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West is far from over. Moments ago, Media Takeout reported that Khalifa played Kim Kardashian’s sex tape on a jumbotron (a large screen television) during his concert in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Witnesses at the concert claim the angry Wiz Khalifa ranted as the images played as his backdrop during his performance.



But there are no images to back up this claim, even though many people are tweeting at the rapper, asking him to confirm if he really did cross the line by playing that tape.

Their feud started after Wiz Khalifa called out Kanye West for the title of Max B’s song and Ye went ballistic, dragging Amber Rose and her son, Sebastian, into the feud.

Though Kanye apologised for mentioning the two year old, the war between the adults is still raging.

Source: MTO/Twitter/Olisa.tv


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