4 Ways Nigerians Can Revamp Their Digital Life


Digital technology is no longer new to Nigerians as almost everyone is affiliated in one way or the other. From phones to computers to other digital devices, Nigerians have their lives saddled with various digital media platforms and have to keep up with multiple processes and activities to stay on point.

Unfortunately, keeping it all on track can become a chore. Before long, you find you have not cleaned your phone in months, your password is no longer functional or is way too easy to guess, etc. and you realize you need a plan to help you clean up digital life and kick off a fresh start.

To help Nigerians stay abreast of new technology, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal suggest 5 easy tips.

Tune-up your device

Computers, laptops and phones require tune-ups at intervals. Take out time to study the device manual and read through relevant instructions that will guide you towards understanding exactly what you need to clean and how to go about it.  You may be required to install a software, an app or use an extension, whichever you decide to ensure you backup before you begin.

Reset Your Passwords

Passwords are very sensitive and it is essential you stay on top of password trends, that way you keep yours impenetrable. Get a password manager as it is essential to greater online safety and security: It creates unique passwords for all your accounts, remembers those passwords and types them for you in a secure way. The password manager also collects your logins and passwords, and analyzes their strength, indicating passwords that need to be changed. There are so many password managers online that are free or at least render a level of free services.

Organize Your Photos

Thanks to social media and the incessant need for everyone to  almost everyone has a large vault of pictures online as taking pictures and selfies are now essential parts of our daily routines. The truth is, You do not need all your photos on your device all the time. Scroll through the stack of photos on your devices and ensure you delete all useless photos  or irrelevant photos. Make up your mind on what photos are essentially important to you, name them, tag them, sort them into albums or folders. Ensure you save them in one location , that way you know that the space is defined for saving photos only. For pictures than you have only in print, you can scan them and save them digitally in these folders as well. Good thing is, if you do not have an external hard disk, you can use the dropbox app or save to your google drive online.

Delete apps you do not use.

Most apps are free and so you find Nigerians crowding their phones with all sorts of apps, even the ones that do not apply to them in any way, even having as much three apps that perform the same functions at a time. While having these apps may seem trendy, they may be the reason your phone keeps clogging or crashing.  Sweep through the apps on your phone painstakingly and delete every app you do not use at least once a week.

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