Deputy Governor Of Yobe State Involved In Motor Accident In Kano

AlyvwtFa0YVXIXX1hsg7ainMxGA8OZWSywCmeTBHbvs4The Deputy governor of Yobe state, Abubakar Ali, was involved in a car accident in Daka-Tsalle town along the Kaduna- Kano expressway on Monday, March 7th.

Eyewitnesses report that the SUV of the deputy governor had a head-on collision with a Toyota Avensis. Although the deputy governor was unharmed, the Toyota Avensis somersaulted and was badly damaged.

The deputy governor’s convoy later continued its trip to Kano.Akxq9uoXsjV54dj7bEq4TucCTOggN8ta5DSnHHRZt3kY AhnS16xffo-Xt-Ou__NeKQEAmoKtrtHBgwON_jZbKGL

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