5 Things To Check Before Booking A Local Flight In Nigeria

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Booking a local flight in Nigeria is as easy as going online and registering on an airline’s website. With the plethora of airlines and travel agencies available online, the process seems easy and seamless, however, there are certain difficulties unassuming travelers are bound to face if they do not double-check certain details before hitting the “book your flight” button. From arriving late to the airport, missing their flight and feeling cheated when they realize they missed a promo, these challenges can be disheartening.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site, therefore, reveals the 5 things to check before booking a flight in Nigeria.

african-american business woman sitting in lobby, looking at tablet, two business women talking in background

The location of the airport

While most states in Nigeria have just one airport, it is important to know where exactly the airport is located within the state, that way you know if going to your location by air is the best option.

Sometimes, the airport might be miles away from where you are going to within the state and you would have to embark on another journey from the airport to your destination; wasting time and money. For instance, If you are heading to Okada in Edo state from Lagos state, it might be a better either to go by road, as going by air, you would be landing in Benin City and will have to embark on a long drive (minimum 1 hours) from the airport to Okada.

Ensure you check and find out exactly where you will be flying into, and how you can get from there to where you will be staying.

Available flights and Ticket prices

Not all airlines go to every destination within the country, and different local airlines have different fares for even the same destination. It is important to always check prices on some price comparison websites before you book anything.

All you need to do is simply put in your departure airport, and it will suggest different flight combinations and the best prices for them. With the endless search engines available and constantly fluctuating prices, the approach to frugal flight booking can overwhelming, so, these comparison sites do not only save you the stress of doing the comparison yourself,  it provides you with options that may not even have been aware of.


The best time or day to fly out

Most times the particular day fixed for the trip, may not be the best day to actually make the trip. There are periods when you may have to reschedule or switch choices between departure times for a flight.

Checking out schedules rather than exact flights can be life-saving. A weekday flight will certainly be cheaper than weekend flight. Also, a 6am flight might look great, considering it is always the cheapest flight of the day, but check other factors out before booking: how feasible is the journey to the airport at that time? Can you make it in time without missing your flight? Will you have access to certain amenities on getting to the airport at that time?

If for instance heading out to the airport that early will rule out changes of public transport and you have to pay a large sum for private arrangements, the cheap flight might end up costing you more after all.


Local airlines run promos from time to time. These promos might require inputting a certain code for a slash in the ticket price or following certain procedures for a full fee waive. Sometimes, these promos might not be properly advertised and the traveler would be unaware of it, even while booking online via their website. Ensure you look out for possible promos.

Use Google and check the airline’s social media pages before booking. If possible, call their customers services and make inquiries to know what kind of promos or offers they have for you. This may seem over the top, but it is actually an important step to take before booking a flight. Booking a flight at standard rates and finding out later that co-passengers got theirs cheaper can cause a lot of disappointment and possibly ruin your entire trip.


Lodging and connecting flight info

Some local flights actually require connecting flights. For instance, if you are going to Yola on some airlines, you would have to stop at the Abuja terminal and take a connecting flight. Also some flights to Gombe require stops at various locations.

It is important you verify these stops before you book the flight, to avoid any future confusions or challenges. Also, find the best possible location for lodging in the area and book your first night accommodation. The Jovago App is very helpful with searching for best hotels. Ensure you have your first night booked and the address written down before you go ahead and book the flight, this saves you a lot of hassles.

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