Ghanaian Boy Commits Suicide Over Girlfriend

Hilda-CheaterA Ghanaian boy is said to have taken his life after his girlfriend, identified as Hilda, kept on cheating on him.

Before taking his own life, he left a suicide note for her which reads:

Hi Hilda, why are you doing this to me.If you don’t love me, y didn’t you tell me,and now what you are doing to me .I gave you my heart,my everything,but you were not ok.Have nothing to tell you. I kill myself cos of you,so that you can have another boyfriend and no disturbance for you.We shall meet one day.Still love you more .Bye bye .Any body who sees this paper, send it to her friend Ameh Nyeko through whatsapp….””

Graphic photo below:Hilda-Cheater1

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