Lagos State Shuts Down New Lotto Operator

image-2According to the report, Lagos state government on Tuesday closed down a new lotto firm, Naija Lottery, for running without an operating license and legal permits from the state.

The crackdown was carried out by some officers of the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB), who were led by Mr. D.O Umaren and a team of armed personnel from the Lagos State Task Force.

The combined team arrived at the Naija Lottery office located in Jibowu area of Lagos state and moved to seal up the business which, they claimed, was operating illegally in Lagos state.

Initially the law enforcers confronted a bit of resistance from the security guards and an officer of the company who tried to stop them from gaining access to the premises.

Eventually, another staff member of the company intervened, and the LSBS team was allowed to conduct their enforcement duty.

Meanwhile a senior staff of Naija Lottery, simply identified as George, claimed that the business was duly operating under the law of Nigeria and had procured a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission which, he said, guarantees their services and lotto activities in any part of Nigeria.

Umaren countered the claims, saying that the company had failed to produce a license from the Lagos state’s regulatory board, which he said is the requirement of the law of the state before the commencement of a lotto business or any venture that is game-related.

He added that anything contrary to the fulfillment of such requirement is a violation of the law and illegal.

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