Susan Peters Says Her New Marriage Is Sweet And Also Sour

Sue-mainSusan Peters who got married to her Dutch Husband in October 2015 has revealed that she experiences the ups and downs of marriage just like every other Nigerian woman.

Below are excerpts from an interview with TribuneNg.

You got married last year… how does married life feel?
It’s sweet and also sour. You tend not to do things that you used to do anymore because there is a check button on everything you do.

What are those things that you used to do back then?
Well, those normal things you do as a single lady, but you cannot do anymore because you know that people will talk, so you tend to be cautious when you are doing anything at all.

What has marriage changed about you?
I’m just adding weight, I don’t understand.

Or is a baby on the way?
Why are you asking? Hian, What’s your own? You will see it when it gets bigger.

Does your marital status influence the type of movie roles you take now?
Not really, I’m an actress, my husband met me on the job, so he should support the job, the only thing is it has changed a few things about me, as regards those things I used to do as a single lady. But for other things, nothing will change. But every other things about my job stays as it is. I still take the same roles

Including romance roles?
Well, I have never acted nude and it has been a no-no for me, even before marriage. I’ve never acted nude and I’ve never been in support of acting nude. Of course one can take off some clothes, but not totally nude. It is not in our culture to go nude, if I try it, my mother in the village, will say the people in the village have followed me to the town.


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