All Child Rapists Should Have Their Manhood Cut Off ~ Senator Mrs Ita Giwa

Senator Mrs Ita GiwaSenator Florence Ita-Giwa has no patience for the tedious judicial processes involved before ruling on cases especially rape cases.

“The best way to end rape is by cutting off the genitals of rapists,” the former senator reportedly said at an event yesterday.

“If I were a judge and a man is brought to court for raping a child, he will receive capital punishment. But I will say, ‘don’t kill him, rather let him live his life in pain, let his organ be cut off’”, she said.

This comes at a time when there are, on weekly basis, reports of rape cases piling in court, awaiting hearing. For Ita-Giwa, sparing rapists means unleashing terror on girls and women. The perpetrators do not deserve that anatomy anymore, she said, adding that rapists are lucky she left the Nigerian Senate.

“[A rapist] should not be allowed the pleasure of using that organ anymore,” the 70-year-old politician continued, adding, “If the organ is not cut off, at the end of his term in prison, he will use it on other children.

“Fortunately for them, I’m no longer in the Senate but I will find a way to get it into the chamber. This is the proper way to end the evil of rape in the society,” she concluded.

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