(VIDEO) Kunle Afolayan Interviews 92-Year-Old Gisele Omidarewa Cossard (Iya Orisa) In Brazil

maxresdefaultAce Nigerian movie maker, Kunle Afolayan definitely loves to promote the Yoruba culture by doing cultural movies that portrays the Yoruba culture even more and also documentaries that give an expose into some unknown facts about the Yoruba people.

The filmmaker has released an exclusive interview with Gisele Omidarewa Cossard (Iya Orisa) which was conducted in Rio, Brazil.

Born on May 31, 1923 Gisele is a religious leader, writer, anthropologist and an Ifa priestess who has been a custodian of the Yoruba culture for a long time. She believes in its values, richness and culture.

In this interview, she explains why she believes in the Orisas (gods) and how she became an Ifa priestess.

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