4 Important Tips For Travelling With A Smartphone

unnamed (1)Taking a smartphone along on a journey can make life easier. With applications like Google Maps and Jovago’s hotel booking app designed to provide quick hotel and travel services at the click of a button, a portable device with great internet facility is likely one of the most essential tools to carry.

Along with the convenience of choosing a phone over a laptop, here are some tips to take to heart when travelling with a mobile device anywhere in the world.


Turn off auto-sync

Most mobile applications consume a lot of data when left to run in the background. Rather than sinking heavy costs paying for megabytes in internet services, turn off the ‘auto-sync’ from the phone’s settings page. If it requires frequent updating or provides irrelevant news service, then that app should not be a priority. There’s also the added benefit of enjoying a stress-free journey without the buzzing sound of a phone rattling everyone’s nerves.

Switch to airplane mode for faster charging

In a hurry and need the battery-life to recharge at top speed? Switching to airplane mode is the answer. With limited apps making use of the dry-cell, chances of the phone battery getting to 100% is higher. As an added advantage, get shorter cables – instead of long ones – to reduce the travel time from the power source to the smartphone.

SIM card

Upon arrival at a foreign destination, purchase a local SIM card. This way, roaming charges diminish and call rates are cheaper. Plus, local network service providers constantly give discounts on domestic SIM cards.

Beware of unprotected WiFi

Checking into a hotel with free WiFi is great but if it’s an open space, then a little caution is needed. There are viruses and phishing mails constantly looking for easy prey, so find out if the free internet access a password or some two-step authentication process required before logging in.

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