Ariyike Akinbobola Talks About Gender Inequality On #SweetMothers Moments On Radio cc @sweetmothers


Nigerian TV Presenter/ Vlogger/ Author, Ariyike Akinbobola host of Spice TV’s show, On the Couch was recently a guest on the SweetMothers Moments on Radio show on Unilag 103.1FM. Speaking on Gender Inequality, She said she finds it hard to believe that we (as a Nation) are still at this stage where we’re deliberating on this kind of issue. She said women and men should be given equal opportunities at work, education, politics etc.

When asked if that can work in marriage, she said the man is the head of the home and the woman is the neck. The two must work together to function properly. She also talked about the Prime minister of Canada, a strong advocate of gender inequality who has equal numbers of men and women in his cabinet. SweetMothers Moments on Radio is an independent radio show designed to help people honor and appreciate their mothers. On the show, we appreciate the essence of motherhood and we believe mothers are priceless hence they should be celebrated every day.

The show is broadcast live every Tuesday from 4-5 pm on UnilagFM and is hosted by Real Skillz. Lady Ariyike also talked about being a new mum all over again after already having two older children and having to still balance it all out with media work.  A call was placed through to her mother live on air (Chief Mrs Lawal) where she revealed some of Ariyike’s childhood memories and nick name. When asked how she felt about her daughter, a trained Lawyer working on TV, She said when Ariyike decided to pursue a career in media, all she did was pray for her. She further advised other mothers live on air to Pray for their kids instead of standing against their choice of career.

On the show Lady Ariyike also talked about her NGO – The Ariyike Arise initiative and how she goes to Secondary schools to talk to the teens and how she supports causes that are related to Children, Teenagers and Women. She also spoke about her book (the Cost of Our Lives) which already sells nationwide in major book stores and will soon be available on

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