Woman Dies After Asking Her Partner To Strangle Her During Sex


Such bizarre death… and a wee bit stupid too if you ask me… what kinda crazy idea is that?

A young woman died after asking her partner to strangle her during sex. The man was arrested and he gave the details of the bizarre incident.

Tania Trinidad Paredes, a 23-year-old psychologist, had been reportedly drinking with her roomates Juan Ruiz Torres and Jose Luis Arzate Martinez when she suggested to have sex together.

After Martinez refused to take part in a threesome Ms Paredes suggested rough sex that soon turned into a tragedy.

According to Torres, the young woman asked him to slap and strangle her with a cable but driven away by heat of the moment he must have overdone it.

Torres was arrested at the apartment he shared with the victim and Martinez in the Tlalpan district of Mexico City in Mexico.

During interrogation he denied raping Paredes and insisted she died by accident while they were having sex. A post mortem examination revealed that the woman’s neck bones had been broken and she had died of asphyxiation.

The investigation is ongoing as police analyzing phones and social networks to determine what relationship Torres had with Paredes prior to the incident last month.

A similar incident occured in Tampa city, Florida, USA, when a man accidentally killed a 18-year-old woman after she asked him to put a gun to her head as a part of ‘role-play scenario’ during sex.

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