#ThrowBackThursday: 9ice (@i_am9ice) ~ Pete Pete ft Asa (@Asa_official)

9iceAs we all see the Nigeria of today. The situation of things has really made people sad (I bet that is an understatement). Things should not continue this way, that is why we are throwing us back to this lovely song. Enjoy. Lyrics is also below:


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Verse 1:
Ojo re bi ana ta gb’ominira, [It seems as though we gained our independence yesterday]
1960 N’igba yen tis easy gege bo se wi [It was the year 1960 and things were easy]
Ta rugbo, t’omidan lon dunu pa ti d’ominira [Both young and old rejoiced when we became free]
Ominira indeed abi, ewo naira wa [Independence indeed..see the way naira has lost value]
Ilu polukurumusu [the country is upside down]
T’ewe t’agba lon j’eyan won nisu [Both young and old are suffering]
Abe ori, ewe eri, sugbon e ofewi [Youths can see what’s wrong but they’re scared to talk]
Abe ori, agba eri atenuje lofe p’ayin [The older ones see what’s wrong but they’re too greedy]
Petepete t’ana ni popa
Eni bataba, kolo mofe ni


Sebe l’ema sun
Teba sope ‘omo nkankan [If you keep pretending you don’t know anything]
Eyin aro lema waa (sebe la ma) [You will end up in the psychiatric ward]
Mewa n’sele o
Sebe l’ema sun (sebe lema sun)
Bi eni wo’seju akan o
Eyin aro lema wa a (mewa nsele o)

Verse 2: Asa
Kini suuru ti o l’ere? [What’s patience without reward?]
Kini seti ko s’ere? [What’s a business without profit?]
Won sa l’eyan ti o l’oruko [There are many unpopular people]
Okuku sise, ode’n rere e [that do profitable jobs]
Ah! ede s’ope a siwa l’omode [You say we are youngsters]
Nkan sa l’eye je k’agbado t’ode [ yet we’ve done well in the past.]
9ice oro gidi l’oso [9ice you’ve said well]
Oro to o ni’lari l’oso [Your words are meaningful]
An’lati fi laka yesi [We must apply wisdom]
K’asoro sibi t’orowa [and say things the way they are.]

(Back to chorus)
Boda siko ‘bo yen [when it’s time for election]
Won a wa s’adugbo [they will come to the streets]
Won a’somo jeje [acting all nice and gentle]
Eje kan wole tan gbogbo eje tan je da w’oke ise [Once in office, they forget the promises made]
Toba tun se were, la siko ibo [During elections]
Won ani k’odo tolo bere [they will have the youths queue.]
Won a senu mere, kalokalo gbe nkan mi senu wuye [they embezzle money and act like saints]
Afira aditu ti iwole, talo dibo fun? [they get into office without people’s votes]
Pasan ta fi na ‘yale [forgetting that vengeance will come]
onbe lori aja fun.
Odo elo tunramu, ema je an’pagbon ni funfun [youths please be vigilant, don’t be fooled]
Fun yin, mowi temi

Asegbe kan kosi o [ You can never get away with evil]
Asepamo lowa [You might do it in secret]
Ase sile labo waba [you will reap whatever you sow.]
Emi oti ku, [I am not dead]
mo s’ile s’ise [ I can work]
Mo sile f’owo r’ewo [I can strive hard]
Mo sile tule mise [I can change my household]

(Back to chorus)

ad libs 9ice: Asa ose omo nla

9ice & Asa ad libs until the end.

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