I’d Rather Attempt To Do Something Great And Fail Than To Attempt To Do Nothing And Succeed #OLODOM pic.twitter.com/gdOWFdITYT


Good Day folks… today’s OLODOM is about not settling for less.

A lot of people fall into the trap of getting to comfy with normal. They forget they can be better. They get so used to getting by; the thought of doing better never crosses their mind.

And they let their lives be static from fear of failing at something greater. If there’s a shot at a greater achievement… it’s always worth trying; then if you fail, you can live wuth yourself knowing you’ve tried.

Nobody has ever become great without that wild grasp at something better;  you never can tell if that’s ‘The Golden Opportunity’.

So get up and aim for that goal and brace yourself for what’s to follow.

Do have a nice day

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