Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your World #OLODOM


Good morning folks, Happy Sunday and Happy June 12 Day.

Today’s OLODOM focuses on the power of thought. You are what you think.

Positive thoughts breeds positive results, while negative ones ruins you. Controlling what we think can seem impossible… yet if you keep trying to… it becomes as easy as eating pie (or moi-moi since we are in Nigeria).

I try to avoid pessimists for a lot of reasons… the major one being that ‘they expect the worst so much that a bad situation appears great to them’. I’d rather expect the best and if it turns out merely good… then I look at how important and significant the merely good can be.

Why burden myself with the sadness of a bad outcome when it hasn’t happen yet.

I implore you all to get rid of all negative thoughts your mind is churning out and focus on the positive ones… the ones you actually want to happen.

Have a nice day folks… Ciao

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