Why Judge rejected dying woman’s request for her mum to be allowed into UK to donate kidney to her.


A judge has rejected a dying woman’s plea for her mother to be allowed into the country to donate her a kidney. The court ruled the situation as not ‘compelling’ enough to bend immigration rules.

Rasha Abdalla, a mother from Manchester, desperately needs a transplant after her body rejected a donor organ two-years-ago.

The 36-year-old NHS worker says a kidney from her Sudanese mother Nimat Salih is her only chance of survival after the organ she received in Egypt in 2004 failed.

But Nimat isn’t allowed into the UK because of an historic mix-up over her passport details.

The battle with the Home Office has rumbled on for nearly a year, with Rasha surviving purely because of dialysis, she says her life expectancy getting shorter by the day.

On dialysis, she will live a maximum of ten years. But with her mother’s kidney, she could live well into her 70s.

Officials say they are not satisfied Nimat would be a ‘genuine visitor’ and are not convinced she would leave.

He said that although there is a shortage of donors in the UK, Rasha will have to wait on the transplant list, rather than receive one from her mother.

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