(PICZ) Over-excited fan jumps on Enrique Iglesias at singer’s concert in Azerbaijan

Enrique IglesiasHe’s been performing to his legion of die-hard fans since the late nineties.

However, things got a bit too much for one Enrique Iglesias fan who managed to run on stage as the singer performed in Baku, Azerbaijan on Saturday.

The over-excited fan wrapped her arms and legs around the 41-year old singer’s buff body at one of the gigs of his Sex and Love tour.

However, the Hero hitmaker managed to put on a surprisingly calm front as he hugged the hysterical brunette back, while the crowd cheered louder.

Immediately, a bunch of security men rushed on stage to pry the girl away from her idol, yet Enrique put up his hand to slow them down – a sweet act, given the sudden turn of events.

Doing his best to gently remove the emotional girl off him, she still refused and clung on to him for a good minute while the music in the stadium came to a stop.

Security tried yet again to intervene and it seemed like she was satisfied with her tight embrace as she eventually backed off, but then quickly propelled forth to latch onto him again.

Getting increasingly impatient, the crowd’s cheer turned to a few boos before the crop-top wearer was led off stage.

Enrique continued to keep his cool as he sat down with his band after telling the thousands of concert attendees on the Baku Boulevard to ‘take it easy’.

It’s not difficult to see why Enrique sets female hearts aflutter, as he rang in his 41st birthday just last month and still looks much younger than his years.

Source: Dailymail

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