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           This for me is the hardest thing I have ever embarked on in a long time. And I will just rush through it quickly before my emotions set in and ruin the essence of the article.

Baba you don dey old o. Happy Belated Birthday, I hope the Ciroc rolled in enough and dem Kokolets made it in mass. I can only imagine the much fun that it would have been.

I am not really writing you as a fan today neither am I doing any praising as my lads know me for. Those that are close to me know me for my bigotry for your brand that they even think it most have motivated my unapologetic dissatisfaction for your guy Don Baba. But little do they know that my unforgivable grudge birth when Don Jazzy got down with a babe that was after my heart that year, though her compliment about Jazzy wasn’t appealing to ears ( how can a babe say a whole Don get small d**k) but my pepper body never allowed me get over the situation. The babe no matter anymore today, her waka kuru kere later ended her into big mess with Whitenicuos, I hear she was sent to prison.

So what am I trying to say before I digress from the koko. I wrote an article some years back that I wish I was able to pass to you personally, I didn’t want to hurt you as I wanted you to see it before I publish it but it never got out because all my efforts to get it across to you was fruitless. I saw a picture of your awards and recognitions ever as an artiste and entertainer and I am pleased and convinced to say you have achieved so much that even if you drop the mic you will forever be respected and celebrated for what you have done for the industry you represent and yourself as a brand.


Baba I hope this won’t be taken with any kind of sentiment or bias, if you retire as an entertainer today, you will save yourself the humiliation that will befall your brand if you continue in the path you have chosen lately. They say whom which much is given, more is expected from. It’s either you get real people to help you or you upgrade yourself to the standard at which an artiste of the award likes of ETV, MTV, BET and MOBO should be operating from. Baba I am an unrepentant fan of your career but you don’t excite me and I am sure many of your real fans will concur to this with your materials/songs.

I can understand you’ve done a lot in the past and you can decide not to work yourself up as your past can speak for your brand but baba it’s not a crime to always raise bars and make your competitors have a lot to want to beat that you have set, they should be doing catching up with whenever they hear you have released a material. I can tell you none of your last couple of songs is a threat to Reekado Banks career talk less the new younger star Mayorkun. And it’s not suppose to be that way.

Superstar is a mediocre at every measure, that isn’t a birthday gift that wowed but leave us to ask what’s up? I  wouldn’t go into details on how the song isn’t any particular appealing because it would hurt me as the things I will say is gonna be humiliating.

But if an upcoming artiste walk into my Take Over Management Office and bring that song to me as material to convince me to work with him, I will advise him to try harder or change passion. You can’t be compared to upcoming acts, you are supposed to be trend setter and valuable creative intellectual property role model to the upcoming, oncoming and already arrived. And all these can really happen when you deliver as expected or even break records. I am sad baba.

He never spoil, things can still be worked on if you decide to face the truth and go by the way of honour and re-evaluate your team and shake off those that ain’t helping,  that are clueless on what it takes to be around a world class brand that you are suppose to be represented as. You need ghost writer to start with, personal brilliant music coach and production team. And lastly you need to listen to critics and analysis of experts. They have never lied about your brand so far, you aren’t up to taste.


My name is Akinyele SolChild, I can introduce you to Take Over Management Company a new versatile entertainment brand development outfit. They will help. Let me reassure that people around you are opportunist that won’t allow real help to get to you. I have been looking for you for years and never given the opportunity to meet you.

Happy 35th baba. You are still one my best superstar amongst your mates. You can still get better. Intellectual property which is talent no dey exhaust, but need upgrade to keep appealing to consumers.

Just like you fairest song so far for me “Emergency”, your career need that Emergency restructuring.

May you live long #WhiteMufasa #DBRecords #EjaNla #KokoMaster

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