Stay Joyed Up: Don’t Let Depression Take Your Joy by Muyiwa Babarinde

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It is 2016, and there is a lot of economic and societal turmoil in a lot of countries over the world. Looking all around, sometimes all you see is gloom, despair, anger and sadness and sometimes it brings unclean thoughts to you about whether living life is worth the struggle.

A lot of people in Life have gone through life and succumbed to the weightiness of this question by not having an adequate response mechanism to this question when it inevitably comes.

Sometimes it is hard to be joyful, sometimes it feels like letting go would be the best option, but that in itself is an illusion of relief.

Depression has been recorded to be the number 1 disease causing disability in the world. And whenever we feel sad, sorrowful and morose, we unconsciously are opening the door of our hearts to the debilitating effect of this disease. In a January report by the World Health Organization, it was revealed that suicide is the world’s 3rd major killer disease. And since depression is a major cause of suicide, you can see how expedient it is to be Joyedup constantly and continuously during our life sojourn.

Depression is a beast, it robs one of self-esteem, self-worth, pride and worst of all-hope. And to tackle this beast-as you would many others- we need to take a stand personally to drive depression far away from our lives as much as possible.

We need to understand that depression is an enemy designed to rob one of one’s happiness, emotional well-being and we shouldn’t give him any chance at all at distorting our lives.

Staying Joyedup is a conscious decision, as the troubles and turmoil in the world won’t necessarily go away overnight, and one has to learn how not to be overwhelmed by the happenings all over the world that will occur from time-to-time.

Stay Joyedup. To keep depression and suicide at bay, you can practice the following


As cliché as it may sound, smiling sure helps to make you feel better. An effort as simple as changing the patterns of your face by smiling even in the midst and face of challenges will do your world a lot of good. And according to research, smiling reduces stress that your mind and body might be feeling. Smiles make us more admirable, more approachable and more at peace with the world and ourselves.

Give it a trial and see how good you will start feeling after a round of smile.
Smiles are GODs gift to us to stay JoyedUp.

Stay Joyedup! And smile.

Confess Positively:

‘’It is the possibility of a dream coming through that makes life interesting.’’ Said Paulho Coelho in his best selling book- The Alchemist. And he couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Life is full of intrigues, mysteries and puzzles of all type. However, when you speak positively about your seemingly ‘’negative’’ situation, you’re unconsciously channeling your energy towards changing the reality of things to that which you want. If on the contrary, you wallow in self-pity and doubt, and do not pick yourself up when you’re done, your joy might totally fizzle out.

Believe in yourself, speak positive words in your life. Do not dwell any second than necessary when you hear negative statements, reports and happenings. Do not drain yourself of your Joy.

Stay Joyed up! Speak words into your situation.

Acquire Health Habits:

Bad habits have strong grips on many people all over the world, and this grip only tightens harder most times. And this is so because people tend to have gotten hooked on a bad habit that triggers that Joy loss and they haven’t found a way to maneuver around this.

Bad habits are like poison, they kill slowly.’

It is important that anyone that is serious about banishing Depression and suicidal thoughts away from their lives must acquire healthy habits that will help them go from strength to strength and that would allow them fall into the self-defeatist thought patterns of the past which can only draw them closer and closer to the bottomless pit of depression.

Staying Joyed up is a choice. As despite how messed up the world may look like at any point in time, always remember depression and suicide are soldiers that will come into your house to scatter you if you give them the chance.

Stay Joyedup and your life will never be the same again.

Feel depressed? We can help you! Send a simple mail to and we’ll reach out to you. CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED.

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