There is always some madness in love, and some reason in madness #OLODOM


Happy Sunday folks,

Today’s OLODOM is about love… I think I’m a bit psyched in that aspect right now.

So… I’m not going to pretend like I know a thing or two about love. I’m going to talk about the inadequacies of love today.

Love is abstract, it’s not real… It’s not logical… IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. And that is why there’s a lot of crazies involved when it concerns love. You go out of your way to make someone happy. Do things you vow never to do. Things that can get you killed; like jump in front of a train eat nuts when you’re seriously allergic to nuts (this is as literal as it can get… no pun intended).

Then when people or sometimes -when it’s so extreme- you question the things you do, in your head you justify it by giving one simple sweet annoying answer “It’s love”.

Now there’s obviously a limit… sometimes it’s not love… you’re just really crazy… Ciao

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