Is Reekado Banks Redeeming His Headies Next Rated Status?

Reekado BanksMuch ado was made when the “Oluwa Ni” crooner was declared the winner of the Next Rated category of the Headies Awards.

Then came a bit of fracas between the handlers of Reekado Banks and Lil Kesh, who was also nominated in the same category. Critics of Ayoleyi Solomon believed he has not done enough to clinch the award. Some would have preferred Lil Kesh as winner. Even more pitiable was the fact that nobody did much then in agitating for another talented nominee Kiss Daniel, poor him.

You don’t want to know who I tipped to pick up the award. The next rated category is a voting category, as explained by the award organisers in an attempt to justify the winner. Months have elapsed since the event, and as a music conscious person you can’t help but ask yourself was Reekado Banks worth it?

Reeky must have been happy to have won the award but I can stake a fortune that winning it put him under pressure to live out the name Headies Next Rated. Such a small box to live in. On that stage Reeky promised both fans and critics alike that he will be dropping new music soon in a fortnight. If winning the award boxed him up. I imagine Mavin Records signed music producer Altims, held the keys to unleash Reeky Tom Tom, not DJ Khaled this time.

Midway into January 2016, Reekado Banks dropped a tune dubbed “Oluwa Ni” produced by Altims, not revered label head Don Jazzy. “Oluwa Ni”, a mid-tempo afropop song, became an instant appeal to music lovers. The song did not come out lame, which explains why it climbed various music charts across the country on both TV and radio. A music video was also dropped to capture TV airplay.

At this point, I’m sure some critics may have just for a second thought to themselves “maybe the boy is not that bad”. Yes Reekado Banks just started desensitizing his haters. “Oluwa Ni” has peaked and also remained on the charts for majority of past months. Some critics may not be so easily sold on “Oluwa Ni”. “What else?” like Sarkodie would say. It is only wise to try the magic portion of Altims again. Since the first chemistry was great they both went back to the lab to conjure something new called “Standard”.

From the go you hear “another gbedu way the burst brain” and you are sold already on the song. Reeky’s delivery on this afrobeats is very energetic and catchy. Another bouncy track that has also ascended the charts recently. ReekyStandard has assisted his collaborators score decent hits when featured.

To whom much is given much is expected. A brand new Hyundai SUV, Headies gold plague and maybe cash price is much, if you think otherwise you can locate the author of this piece bequeath them. Dear Mr. Next Rated 2015 you have surely started redeeming your status and your album is in view. Please I urge you to clear any lingering shreds of doubts about your credibility. Give us a classic. Your contemporaries Lil Kesh and Kiss Daniel have both put forth an album. We want nothing less, just double it.



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