Destination Agbor; The Top Three Festivals

Agboragbor, located in the Northern part of Delta state, is as crowded and competitive, if not more homogeneous, as any other community in the region. From shanty towns, to throngs of men in vehicles on the narrow roads, as well as the major boulevards where multitudes of well-attired locals shopping at domestic markets, boutiques and stores, the bustling community has a lot to offer the first-time visitor. Every traveller is bound to have a dazzling range of experiences, see beautiful landscapes and discover years of culture and history.  Its packed calendar of festivals and events also means there’s almost always a celebration of some sort to attend wherever you are. Again, friendly locals are always delighted to share their culture with visitors – often that means over a shared meal with a tantalizing array of dishes and plenty of toasts with local alcoholic beverages. JumiaTravel, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal shares the details.


Igue festival

Celebrated annually, the Igue Festival is one of the most important festivals in Agbor as Agbor is a farming community and the festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of a new farming season.The event is marked with food and drinks and special cultural display.

New Yam Festival (Iwa Igi)

A festival common to other cultures in South-East Nigeria, the New Yam Festival is celebrated at the beginning of the harvest season annually to thank God and the spirits of their ancestors for a good harvest throughout the year.

Osiezi Festival

This festival dates back to 1270 AD with the ascension of the Dein to the Agbor’s monarchical throne, and it is celebrated once every 3 years and it marks a period of reunion of the living and the spirits of the dead, a period that offers friends and well-wishers the opportunity to share in the hospitality of the Agbors.


Whether it’s a boutique hotel, traditional stay, guesthouse, inn or bargain hotel, Agbor has got something to suit almost every travellers needs. And what’s more, you can even book reservations directly on Jumia Travel.  Favorites include Fairview Motel, Royal Courtyard hotel and Leads guest House.


Shopping in Agbor is easy and convenient, as various roadside stalls and even large-scale shops are commonly found. The city is also a fantastic destination when it comes to shopping food. There are numerous food markets scattered across the community and people from nearby cities even visit to make purchase at a lower rate.


If you’re planning a trip to Agbor and have dining on your list, be prepared to eat local as Agbor is pretty known for great food. A farming community, fresh food is abundant and there are a variety of local delicacies. You will love Ofe Asumuda, a spicy soup unique to the community.


The likes of Jim Ovia (Founder and Chairman, Zenith Bank Nigeria Limited), Godwin Ifeanyi Emefiele (the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria), Lucky Monye (Managing Director, Monaco Guards) and a host of others are all eminent indigenes of Agbor.

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